LostPALS cat pages are designed to be easy to read and offer advice and contact details for relevant organisations and support groups, across Surrey Heath Borough.

The information on the site has been written and collated, with the aim of supporting local indoor and outdoor cat owners and finders, on a wide range of feline related issues and some of the problems they may face.

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Our Lost Cats advice is divided into two separate sections. 

Cats behave in very different ways when missing, depending on whether they are indoor house cats, or allowed to roam outdoors too and therefore there are different ways of dealing with a missing cat scenario.

Please choose the option that suits your situation best, although note some of the advice applies to both.


To ensure that you are following the correct advice for your particular scenario, we have added icons to aid you, on each page.  

cat icon LOST CAT - for all cats that are allowed outside.
house cat icon LOST HOUSE CAT - for indoor cats which have escaped.


We hope you will find this site useful.

The LostPALS Team

All information is correct at time of writing. July 2018