There are over 250 types of bees in the UK, but there is only one European Honey bee (apis mellifera).

The British Bee Keeping Association's website has an excellent guide to help you establish what type of bee you are dealing with. 

The following BBKA members may be able to assist or advise regarding removal of a swarm of European Honey bees within Surrey Heath. *

Jon Doyle-Holmes
01276 502108
07767 403066

Mark Bell
07788 818589

Peter Seagrave
01252 877049
07802 768911

Mike Stanton
01252 513043

John Condon
01252 625021
07778 178840

Peter Wills
01344 621827
07855 515512

William Stone
07785 949709

If you feel you need to have the bees destroyed, please contact a local pest controller. Bees are endangered, but they are not protected.

* Information correct at time of writing. June 2018 Copyright: BBKA


For all wasp nests and other types of bees' nest removal, you will need to call an independent local pest controller. 

Surrey Heath Borough Council has negotiated concessionary rates with SDK Environmental Ltd to carry out a general pest control service for residents in Surrey Heath.

You can contact SDK's DialAPest service directly on 03444 828336 between 9am and 5pm seven days a week.

Or by using their Online form.