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Scenting is a way of attracting your missing pet back home.  

Cats will use their scent as territorial marking posts. Outdoor cats use scent to find their way about indoors and outside, so are able to mark both their indoor home and the space around it, meaning that when they explore outside, they can use their sense of smell to find their way back.

As indoor cats aren't aware of the environment outside, away from the safety of the home, they won't have marked areas outdoors as being part of their territory. This can make it difficult for them to identify where their home is, once they have left the property, causing them to become disorientated and scared and they may struggle to find their way home.

To attract a lost cat back to the house, you can place its litter tray close to your home.

You can leave some of your belongings which have your scent on, on the ground near or around the vicinity. Take items from the laundry basket that have not been washed. T-shirts, sheets/pillowcases, underwear, socks, etc.

You can also empty the contents of your vaccum cleaner and spread that in the area.

Leave familiar food down for your cat, (be aware that other animals such as foxes will eat this too, so keep it topped up), along with fresh water. Include any treats you regularly feed them.